Energy Myths and Realities: Bringing Science to the Energy Policy Debate

There are many misconceptions about the future of global energy often presented as fact by the media, politicians, business leaders, activists, and even scientists―wasting time and money and hampering the development of progressive energy policies. Energy Myths and Realities: Bringing Science to the Energy Policy Debate debunks the most common fallacies to make way for […]

Wildlife of the Himalayas and the Terai Region (Bombay Natural History Society)

India has a range of biogeographic regions that support a variety of plant and animal life. The fourth in the Bombay Natural History Society’s popular series that aims at making accessible old writings, drawings and paintings of India’s rich flora and fauna, this book discusses the Himalayas, its foothills, and the adjoining terai and duar […]

Red Rock Casino, Resort, Spa Gift Card ($200)

Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa is widely regarded as one of the most luxurious off the Strip resorts in Las Vegas. Equally exquisite both inside and out, Red Rock offers an idyllic getaway with spectacular views of the Las Vegas Strip, and close proximity to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Featuring some of […]

Conservation of Exploited Species (Conservation Biology)

This book brings together international experts to examine interactions between the biology of wildlife and the divergent goals of people involved in hunting, fishing, gathering, and culling wildlife. Reviews of theory show how sustainable exploitation is tied to the study of population dynamics, with direct links to reproductive rates, life histories, behavior, and ecology. As […]

DLAND Mini Lightweight Wireless Stereo Sports/running & Gym/exercise Bluetooth Earbuds Headphones Headsets W/microphone for Iphone…

High Compatibility and English Prompt Voice£ºCompatible with Bluetooth enabled music players & A2DP enabled devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android Smart Phones, tablets, etc. Fit for iPhone 6 6Plus 5S 5C 5 4S, Galaxy Note 3 2 S4 S3 and Google£¬Blackberry£¬LG other SmartphonesThe Highest Standard Parameters:Bluetooth 4.1 achieves the goal of energy conservation. […]

Henry David Thoreau: Walden (Library of America)

“Perhaps the most remarkable book in the American canon. As dense as scripture, crowded with aphorism, Walden is full enough of ideas for a score of ordinary books.” -Bill McKibben In 1845 Henry David Thoreau left his pencil-manufacturing business and began building a cabin on the shore of Walden Pond near Concord, Massachusetts. This lyrical […]

LAMINATED 24×24 Poster: Ball Physics Swing Spherical Ball Joint Pendulum Shock Metal Momentum Conservation Spherical Ball Click Cl…

24×24 Laminted high quality poster. Decorate your home or office with high quality posters. Printed on the high quality thick poster paper, it will please your eyes for years to come. ball, physics, swing, spherical ball joint, pendulum, shock, metal, momentum conservation, spherical ball, click clack, elastic joints, experiment, pendant series, kinetic energy, newton pendulum, […]

AM Conservation Group CC1ACK Advanced Energy Savers Kit

The Advanced Energy Saver Kit packs an energy saving punch for your entire home containing everything needed to save over 1000 in energy and water costs over the entire life of the kit. (5) 13 Watt LUMAcoil T2 CFLs; (5) 18 Watt LUMAcoil T2 CFLs; (5) 23 Watt LUMAcoil T2 CFLs; (2) Foam Tape Weatherstrip […]